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About Us

Hi, I'm Durwin

The internet has become an information epidemic.
It’s important to know what you’re reading or listening to and
who created it.

Why I Started DRB? Why Is It Still Going? Why Is It WPH?

Why I Started Durwin Randle's Blog aka "DRB"

When my mother “Baby’Gyrl” passed away February 25, 2011 at the age of 69 because I was looking for a way to channel my energy in a positive way. So, I started Durwin Randle’s Blog aka “drb” to Bring a Positive Word to the World…Just When the World Needs It Most through inspirational quotes, history facts, news, tips, educational resources, photography and videos.

So, what has happened along the way?

Over the years I’ve developed my photography & videography skills while improving what I was already good at doing, which is WordPress Web Design.

Why is the site still going?

I’m still bringing a positive word to the world but in a different way, with different tools, different resources and a different attitude.

Why was the name changed to WP Handicraft?

First, the website needed a new look: Since we were redesigning the site, I said what-the-heck, let’s change everything. Hence was born a new design with a new focus.

Second, my photography & videography skills: Pictures & videos are a universal language. I use my skills to help you create the media needed for your website & social accounts.

Third, is helping you build your site using WordPress: If you’re a DIY like me, sometimes is helps to understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it to streamline your learning curb and light a fire under your creativity.

So what's changing and why are we changing it?

I’ve redesigned my site so that it focuses on web design using WordPress (WP) and creating the media content you need for personal branding.

Over the years I’ve learned what works & what doesn’t work. What to-do and what Not to-do from experience.

Now my focus is to help people who wish to build a website themselves (DIY’s) using WordPress to streamline the learning curb.

On-the-Other-Hand! You can hire me and I’ll help you design your layout, create the media content, build it and optimize it for easy finding.

“If you’re looking to redesign your website to be user-friendly and really intuitive.
If you’re looking to DIY. You can build your website using WordPress with less hassle.”
But it helps to understand what you’re doing, how -to do it & why.

Durwin Randle


Note: Most of the links on my blog will redirect you to a referral site of products and services.
When you click those links and make a purchase or join a paid subscription, I receive a monetary value for your efforts.
With that being said, I’d like to say, Thank You for your support.

Your website! You content! Your way!

1) Create the media content you want! 2) Design the website you need!
3) Keep it easy for users to navigate!

“It’s Good To Have Money And The Things That Money Can Buy,
But It’s Good, Too, To Make Sure You Haven’t Lost The Things That Money Can’t Buy.”
by Benjamin Franklin

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