Baby'Gyrl is at peace

Baby’Gyrl is at Peace

As of 09:41 am on February 25, 2011, Baby’Gyrl no longer has to fight for peace living in hell on earth.

Baby’Gyrl ~aka~ mama ~aka~ Corine Randle passed away peacefully in her sleep.

For the past 21 months, I can say mama was on of the original ol’ school gladiators. Not only did she fight a good fight, but she fought like a pro.

I’m not going to make this post very long because I created a page just for her, and I have a tag which I will be posting about my Baby’Gyrl throughout the rest of my life.

But I will say this. God blessed me with his best. Sure, I’ll miss her, but I’m glad she no longer has to live in hell.

To all the world, take care of your mama. Why? Because God only blessed you with one.

Cherish the blessing for life.

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