Elementor is the Page Builder I Use and Here's Why!

Elementor is the Page Builder I Use and Here’s Why!

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If you’re just getting started with WordPress or you’re looking for an alternative page builder for your clients that’s fast & easy to use. Let me see if I can encourage you to make the switch to Elementor Pro.

Let me start by saying I jumped into using a page builder somewhere around 2016. I may not remember the date & time when I started using a page builder, but I do remember which page builder I started with and why I switched.

Elementor is the page builder I use and here's why!

To help me keep this post short, I want to focus on three points:

  1. My experience with the first-page builder I purchased and why I switched.
  2. My experience with the current page builder I use and have no desire of switching.
  3. How you can get your hands on the same page builder and why I recommend the professional version vs the free version.

Let’s get started!

My experience with my first-page builder

When I first launched Durwin Randle’s Blog, which is now WP Handicraft, I used the basic WordPress editor.

However, it didn’t take me long to realize I would need to use my HTML skills to get the look & feel I wanted, so I started looking for an alternative.

This is when I learned about page builders. How they can help you get the look & feel you want without having to write the code.

Elementor is the page builder I use and here's why!

So, I did some research and bought my first page builder. Everything was working fine & dandy for awhile. There were a few things I didn’t like but it was better then the default WordPress editor so I dealt with it.

But then I started having issues with image optimization, page speed and a few other things. In addition, customer support was useless. I came out better finding a YouTube video from another user who figured out a work-around and share a video.

Since then, that particular page builder has gotten better but I won’t be switching back.

However, about 12-18 months later I came across Elementor vs Beaver Builder and back to the research library I went.

My experience with Elementor

The research didn’t last long before I installed both Elementor & Beaver Builder on a site and built a few pages.

I noticed within a short-time that I was more acclimated with Elementor over Beaver Builder and I haven’t regretted making the switch.

I did regret having to rebuild every page & blog post with Elementor. But the pros outweighed the cons, which is why you’re able to read this blog post built with Elementor Pro from any device you choose.

Now that I’ve been using Elementor for a couple of years, my experience is just short of being blown-out-the-water.

The problem I have with Elementor is this:

When I come across something I need (or want) to add to my site and I find a plugin that works, I get a message to update to the latest version and they just added what I needed.

For example, I installed a color palette about a month ago. A few days ago I updated my plugins and Elementor has added a universal color palette, which I can now customize.

Now I can easily maintain color consistency throughout my site from one (1) color pelette from any page or blog post.

Now if this doesn’t speed up your work process, I suggest you send me a message or give me a call because it sounds like you may need to pass me the baton.

So, the next question and the question you want an answer to is:

How can I get the same page builder?

This is the shortest paragraph of this blog post. Do you see the button? Click it!

My bad, I’m kidding. All the buttons will take you to the same page builder. My wife tells me all the time I play to much.

Keep-in-mind, Elementor does have a free version, so you can start using the page builder today. There’s no need to wait if you can’t afford the pro version. But I do strongly suggest Elementor Pro if you build websites are you like having all the bells a whistles.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment are share your thoughts if you’re currently using or you’re thinking about switching to Elementor Pro for your page builder.

I hope my experience with the Elementor Pro page builder helps you design your next website.

‘Til the next episode,

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