What Photoshop Alternative Do I Use?

What Photoshop Alternative Do I Use?

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If you’re in the market for a PhotoShop alternative, continue reading this post as I share the alternative I chose, why, and how I feel about switching.

When I first did a search in 2011 for photo editing software, I was looking for something that would allow me to be creative because I needed to make a design for a special occasion.

At that point in time, the only software that caught my attention was Adobe Photoshop, and for multiple reasons. It was powerful (and still is) and they had a host of tutorials.

However, a few years later I found myself looking for an alternative because I really wasn’t connecting with Photoshop very well.

So I began playing around with Gimp, PicMonkey, PaintShop which is now PaintshopPro, and PIXLR while I was looking for something different.

So what initiated my search for a PhotoShop alternative?

One day I did a search and a different piece of software popped up called Affinity Photo that caught my attention. I looked over the site a little bit and bookmarked the page in Pocket.

I still didn’t make the switch for a couple of years because I was accustom to using Photoshop and I was still within my one (1) contract.

In addition to the fact that I didn’t have a good understanding of the software, I didn’t want to go through the learning curb for using another photo editing software.

But one day as I was working in Photoshop and something really got me frustrated to the point I said, that’s it, I’m done with Photoshop.

So I clicked the link in my Pocket account and downloaded a free trial from Affinity Photo.

How do I feel about the PhotoShop alternative, Affinity Photo?

As Tony, the Tiger would say in the Kellogg’s corn flakes commercial when I was growing up, they’re great!

Not only was the software easier for me to understand, but I was able to use some of the same techniques learned in Photoshop to help me get started without a long learning curb.

But there’s one additional factor that helped me decide to make the switch and that was the cost of Affinity Photo compared to Photoshop.

So, how much does Affinity Photo cost?

A lot less than what I was paying for Adobe Photoshop. But it also depends upon how often you’re using the software and whether you’re using it to make money.

In my case, Affinity Photo was much cheaper at $49 for the photo editing software and $49 for the Affinity Workbook.

Here it is January of 2020 and I have no regrets for making the switch from Adobe Photoshop to Affinity Photo.

What Photoshop Alternative Do I Use?

When it’s all said and done!

I made the switch to my Photoshop alternative, Affinity Photo for several personal reasons.

To name a few,

  • I never got a good understanding of Photoshop.
  • I didn’t like the customer service with Adobe.
  • I didn’t like the fact that I had to be under a contract.

Have I regretted the switch? No, at all.

Will the switch be a good fit for you? I say try & compare.

So, take Affinity Photo for a 30 day test drive and come back and let me know what you think.

‘Til the next episode,

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