Where can I get Emojis for posts & pages?

Where can I get Emojis for posts & pages?

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Sometimes I like to add a smiley face or a thumbs up to what I’m saying and I want to use an emoji and I found the perfect spot to my question, where can I get emojis?

But let me tell you right now so you don’t waste your time. I haven’t found a good emoji plugin that I would keep on my site and I’ve been looking for several years.

But don’t give up hope! ?️ I found a site with a kazillion emojis that you can copy & paste with one click and they’re free.

What’s the name of the website?

Emojipedia.org is the name of the site. You won’t see the name on the site, but you can hover over the address tab & get a popup “Emojipedia – Home of Emoji Meanings?”

Where can I get emojis I can use?

Just about anywhere you want to show an emoji! WordPress, social media, email. It really doesn’t matter. If you want to need an emoji for a special event, I’m sure you’ll find it.

They also have a few Emojiapps Apps along with an Emojipedia API if you wish to connect your system and pull in a few emojis.

Do they have a plugin for WordPress?

I don’t think so. I haven’t found a plugin for Emojipedia. I could be wrong.

Besides, I wouldn’t want a plugin because most emoji plugins are heavy and slow down your site.

I prefer to do a quick search from Emojipedia.org.This way if they update the emoji or discontinue it, my broken link checker will let me know and I can change it.

Where can I get Emojis for posts & pages?

In Conclusion

Sometimes you need an emoji to help get your point across, but you don’t use emojis a lot.

So, to answer your question, where can I get emojis when you need to sprinkle a few throughout your site and not download another heavy plugin?

Go to Emojipedia.org and have fun browser through hundreds of free emojis.

Before you go, leave a comment or share your favorite emoji site.

‘Til the next episode,

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